week 3 – snap chat art


this week we had to draw on snap and i really didnt think it would be as difficult as it was. i drew on my god sister because she was acting like the devil this day. I also drew on my grandmas fat dog because he looks like a football and it just happened to be super bowl sunday today 🙂


my screenshots were from enriques snapchat.


week 3- artist convo

artist : joshua vasquez

i really enjoyed meeting and talking with this young and talented man. He is from LA and is about to graduate next spring. he is in the painting and drawing program here at csulb. and his hobbies include painting.this piece was extremely interesting to me.



week 3 – class mate convo : enrique vega

Our first class mate convo was pretty interesting. I spoke with freshmen enrique vega who attended and played soccer for bellflower high school and was a CIF CHAMPION 🙂 He’s undeclared right now but looking into film and electronic arts or criminal justice. He’s been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. He works at downey cinemark and his hobbies consist of playing fifa and fucking bitches. And hes a huge jcole fan.




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