week 14 : art experience feedback

3 favorite activities :

My 3 favorite activities this semester had to be : snapchat, the group video project, and cuisine. I really enjoyed the week we drew on snapchat because I am a frequent user of snapchat and it was fun to be able to use this app and apply more art to the use by drawing on the pictures we took. Also, the group video project was also very fun. This was a great way to get to meet more people in this class and an enjoyable way to get a message across to viewers. Lastly, cuisine was a very fun week. It was a fun excuse for me to get back into baking, something I actually really enjoy.

3 least favorite activities :

My least favorite activities this semester would have to be : plaster casting, moonbase alpha, and automatic drawing. Plaster casting was so confusing and the day I chose to go happened to have awful weather, but that was poor judgement on my behalf. Moonbase alpha just wasn’t something I enjoyed because I’m not much of an imagination user. Lastly automatic drawing was so difficult for me because I enjoy doing things by myself more than I do working with someone aiming for one goal.

over all :

Overall I really enjoyed this class and recommended it to my friends. I took this class just to fulfill a GE requirement but it definitely opened my eyes to appreciate art and all the different kind of forms it comes in. The only suggestion I have for making this class better is more group activity. I feel like students having to work together would increase the likely hood of them getting it done and enjoying it.


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