week 15 classmate convo w. Bez Middleton

This Thursday I decided to walk up to Bez Middleton, who I did not know prior to this day. He is a second year and is majoring in criminal justice. His hobbies consist of playing basketball, drawing, hanging out with friends and listening to music. He attended St. John Bosco High school. He commutes and lives in Huntington park. His favorite kind of music is rap and hip hop. He has such a cute Husky pup. The game is his favorite artist. If he could go anywhere in the world he’d go to Panama. Something on his bucket list is to go sky diving. His favorite food is Italian. His favorite color is red and his biggest fear is probably heights. The first thing he notices about someone is their face or the way they dress. His favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. We discovered we have history 173 together right before this class. IMG_4710.JPG


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